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Abbiamo bisogno di un Euro, forte o debole..? - Who wants a Stronger Euro..? (Do we need a Euro at all..?)

Con Gennaio, assistiamo al consolidarsi di un trend netto al ribasso circa i livelli di cambio tra le valute di riferimento e l'Euro, tornato ai livelli di 10 anni prima. Gli operatori export potrebbero mutare il colore delle loro visioni future a breve termine, ma prima sarà il caso di soffermarci ad analizzare le ragioni, e le possibili conseguenze in un futuro vicino per una area già sotto pressione..

E' ancora guerra delle valute? - Are we at a courrency conflict, again?

May be. With the Bank of Japan now buying government bonds and targeting an inflation rate of 1%, a global race to the bottom is on again.
Along with the Fed's commitment to "quantitative easing" and the ECB's promise to buy again dodgy Mediterranean economies' bonds, Japan's latest move has sparked new fears of a currency war.
Like any other war, this one won't end well, either.

And who can be the winner? Surprisely, it is the U.S. Dollar that, looking so weak just few months ago against the Euro, now will likely maintain the competitiveness despite the new ratio and improve the recovery of US economy, among desperate contenders like the Europeans, and may be, the chineses themselves..

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